Respect To The Man In The Ice Cream Van, is basically just me being nostalgic about being young in the 90s. I wanted to try and capture a bit of that time and what it was like living for the weekend in that glorious sliver of time just before mobile phones and the internet when we still had to socialise with our friends face to face in the real world. The antagonists in this book are actually based on real people, the Pendal witch trials really happened, not far from me, you can actually see Pendal hill from my house. It was actually my Grandma who had a picture of the snow melting on Pendal hill in the shape of a witch hanging in her hallway, she would tell me the story behind why the snow always melts in the shape of a witch. The Pendal witches are very big in folklore around here so I was happy I could shoehorn them into one of my books.

Simon Carr

5.0 out of 5 stars Hilarious, or not

Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2022

I think Simon Carr's books are hilarious, but I'm very open minded about profanity and absurdity. Carr's plots are far fetched, but the action leads to a logical, if somewhat nonsensical, conclusion. His dialogue, in my evaluation, is not dialogue you'd expect to hear, but the dialogue that's going on in someone's mind. It's unfettered. It's uncensored. It's often laugh out loud funny. set 20 years or so in the past when illegal raves were big. Three stoner buddies decide to throw the most massive rave ever on Halloween night. Unfortunately, they choose a remote location that happens to be above the burial ground of a coven of witches who were massacred hundreds of years earlier. The stoners inadvertently set the ghosts of the witches free. Mayhem ensues.

5.0 out of 5 stars Off the wall!!

Reviewed in the United States on December 10, 2021

One more off the wall novel by Simon Carr. I have read everything he has written I think. I love the satire of the Brits. It is a dry humor that has a slow burn and once you get it – you really get it. Our protagonist believes that everything was better in the 90s. (I might disagree and say it was the 70’s but I get off track here). He wants to be back in the 90s, but forgets that during the 90s he was attacked by ghost witches. It wasn’t all that great being attacked by the witches, but he is sure the rest of the 90’s was the greatest. You got to read it to get it! Carr has a way of taking the most mundane sentence and twisting it and pulling the humor out of it. Ok you get it – I recommend this work by Carr



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