S16 is very obviously inspired by, A Hitchhiker’s Guild To The Galaxy, I have never read the books, I have only ever seen the brilliant film with Martin Freeman and the legend that was Alan Rickman, and the tv series that I hated as a child because it replaced and cancelled the Goodies on BBC 2 and I really loved the Goodies, so I watched it with a scowl on my face but eventually I learned to love it with a passion.

I had written a lot of books by this point, and I had been compared to Douglas Adams, and Terry Pratchett a lot. I wanted to use S16 to show that while I’m very flattered and I love being compared to such legends I am not them, I just admire them and use inspiration from their wonderful stories. S 16 is my stamp so to speak, it’s what I see a Simon Carr book to be, yes funny and satirical, but fast paced and full of action also. Arthur Dent but with undertones of John Wick and being a stereotype that sits well with neither.

As far as action heroes go, I don’t think any little boy has ever fantasised about being an Indian restaurant owner, if I can make an Indian restaurant owner a cool action hero then the sky is the limit and nobody, no stereotype is off limits. It excites me that I can take, Karen’s, Sanjiv’s, Bobs, Sharon’s, boring and uninteresting middle aged people that Hollywood, films, video games and the likes have no interest in, and make them something awesome!


July 14, 2022

Very biased review. Just sayin'.

Ok, first of all, this book is Lol funny, as are all Simon Carr books. I received an ARC copy of S16, but as usual, the arc doesn't play well with my devices and I always buy the book anyway, that way I can scroll pages and also see the title and author in my library. 'unknown' for both is usually how arcs show up in my Kindle. Anyway, doesn't matter to me. I get the arc because I can't wait to read the book, not because it's free. Maybe I'm addicted? If you're familiar with this author, you won't be disappointed- all the laughs are there. And as per the usual, even though it's a ridiculous, preposterous tale, it's still extremely relevant. Different yet again...as the author evolves I guess.. Less crude? More professional? both I think. Hardly any bad language, (no f-bombs), well edited with only a couple minor grammatical or spelling errors. Most different, imo, is that this is a more 'politically correct' approach to political incorrectness. And it's not in any way political. Lol, if that doesn't make sense, read the book, then it will! If you are a new Carr reader or someone who has read his work previously and couldn't get past the poor editing, THIS IS THE BOOK TO START WITH. There is no way to describe the plot any better than the blurb does so I'll just let you read that. I be here all day just hitting the highlights! What I will say, is that most every Simon Carr book I have read has gotten me kicked out of bed for laughing too much. I eventually gave up trying which is why I said 'most every book'.. I have read and loved them all -many times over. I just sleep on the couch that night🤣 And while my significant other also loves to read, he couldn't deal with the flawed presentation so he would never read them. Ha! I read the arc copy but downloaded the Kindle version just now. As I'm writing this, hubs is reading on my Kindle and cracking up. He's on page 3. Just saying. Page 3.
I personally love the original writing style,(or lack thereof?) but most readers will appreciate this cleaner, more polished effort. I'm giving 5⭐ for my myself but if hubs has any input or objections I will edit the post. I just want to say also, I am not a laugher. It's rare thing for me to actually LOL, especially over nonsensical humor. But this is old school Saturday night live, Deep thoughts by Jack Handy kinda funny. Ludicrous, nonsensical humor for sure. But there's a lot of truth in there as well. Thank you Simon Carr and Evan@storyorigin.


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July 11, 2022

Given a situation like this, even veteran 'confused human in space', Arthur Dent, would probably have hung up his towel for good; but Sanjiv, a Birmingham chef of Asian descent, doesn't give up for a second, despite the utterly mind-boggling circumstances in which he finds himself.

Without spoiling it, first poor Sanjiv doesn't really exist, and neither does anything he understands as real; then he does, but he finds out that his reality is not the same as he's accustomed to. That's when things start going a bit sideways, which is actually quite a profound statement about life in general if you stop and think about it.

Another brilliant, if slightly different,sci-fi satire from possibly the bravest author I've ever heard of. This one is a little more family friendly than most of his previous work, with little to no adult language; however, parents should be advised that there are some graphic descriptions of injury and, in particular, death. I always enjoy Mr Carr's work, no matter the subject, and this is no exception to that rule; in fact, he's the only author whose next outpouring of satirical gold I actively anticipate.

Matthew W Seniff

5.0 out of 5 stars It’s a hoot and holler in space

Reviewed in the United States on August 5, 2022

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This book was a hoot to read! I always enjoy reading this author’s books and this was a hilarious bell ringer. The characters are the true treasure they are well built to deliver humorous reactions to the events. The worlds built for this book function perfectly as a stage to enact the story. I heartily recommend this book to anyone that loves sci-fi with a liberal spicing of humor.



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