Everyone thinks that Witchetty-woo was inspired by Tremors and monster movies, but in truth it was yet again me talking myself out of writing a third Our Fathers book. Originally this was to happen in Scotland, but the Audiobook for the Super Nice Monster Squad made me change my mind. In the audiobook, Larry the lizard has an Australian accent and I absolutely fell in love with that Character after hearing him talk with an Australian accent. So, Spiders Invade Aberdeen, became Witchetty-woo, and me having fun with the Scottish dialect became me having fun with the Australian dialect instead. I wrote the entire book just thinking about the audiobook and what these Australian accents would sound like firing quips at each other, I was genuinely in tears laughing every time I wrote anything with Jayson and Raymond in it together that involved them drinking.

Simon Carr.

Bruce thinks he is helping mankind and playing his part in saving the planet when he develops his serum for speeding up the development of lab-grown cultured meat.

What Bruce has actually done is send us to the bottom of the food chain; well not all the way to the bottom. we are still above Ducks. Nobody gets eaten by a Duck.

F.M. Liff

5.0 out of 5 stars Simon carr does it again

Reviewed in the United States on April 11, 2022

When you think simon carr can't get no better he hits you with another. If you haven't read his works before, you definitely need to. This is a great story and funny. When humans become the prey in one of Simon's books, it's all too funny.




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