In a place unknown. In a time nobody is sure of. Stuff happened, and there were Dragons.

Epic dobadoobries unfold at an incredible pace around Prince Jasper and his man-servent, page, the guy who goes with him, Roulart.

Can they stop the evil Queen from taking over Prince Jaspers's kingdom, and why should you care?

Well, you should care! It will be a really rubbish story if you don't, put some effort in!

Saving the world was the first step towards, well, everything! Drew, Mary, Sabastian, and Teak are in a world of epic stuff that they can’t understand.

An evil the universe had forgotten threatens to return, evil that’s still here is being a right pain, basically evil is just, well, it's being evil and nobody needs it's crap!

There are two choices, resist or try to make up a second choice.

Cy has had his monster license taken away, and he has been reclassified as a Pirate, on account of him just being a normal guy with just one eye. The Pirates life is not for Cy so when an opportunity to get his license reinstated presents itself, Cy embarks on a quest, of some kind, with some people of some description, to get something or other.

Probably the only thing worse than finding out that nothing you know is real, is finding out that you are also not real.

Well, that's how Sanjiv's day started, it did not get much better after that, truth be told.

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