KarBoben was pre-meditated when I wrote Apocalypse Blockers. I purposely left a massive hole in the story where Bob left with Fred to find Karen, and when he returned months later, they were a couple. I actually did that because I couldn’t afford to get Apocalypse Blockers proofread and edited if it was over 40,000 words, so I left that hole so that I could write it the way I wanted it to be, but as two books and I would write the missing bits later as another 40,000-word long story.

Karboben has lots in it that is essential to the story for the series but things that were not really necessary for Apocalypse Blockers itself, so I skipped it in Apocalypse Blockers so that I could concentrate on the story of the Blockers first fight with Khaos.

KarBoben is not just the story of how Bob and Karen hooked up but it sets the groundwork out for a lot of what happens in, Khaos Has Come.

Simon Carr.

5.0 out of 5 stars Rip roaring Chaos!

Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2022

KarBoben (Apocalypse blockers) interesting title - with a heavy clue of what this novel is about. One thing I have learned with novel with Simon Carr - is that you have to have a good sense of humor. Carr always writes with a satirical pen. I don't know if he has a certain store that he buys them from. I am not sure if all of that comes out of his brain, or that he might have a magical pen creating all of this chaos! The premise of the entire novel is that The Multiverse's first power couple were once a lonly queen and a king who had lost his kingdom. Now if you can wrap your mind around the multiverse, and that multiverers of the multiverse were sent out in an attempt to save our multiverse, then you are the genius of all time, or you have one warped mind. Hense back to the theme of the story and the author. As you tred through this story, be prepared for downright out loud, rip roaring laughter. Sometimes I would read a paragraph and say "you what?" not meaning to say that out loud, then I had to share and two people were cracking up. Then all that noise brought in the teens and so on and so on. Simon actually brought that whole messy universe into our front room. Thank you, Simon! I really enjoy the work of Simon and will read more from this author in the future. He creates the type of novel that allow us to escape from the world that is out there, and leaves us in a place where we can not take anything to seriously.

Matthew W Seniff rated it it was amazing

This book is a hilarious romp through space and time. The characters are well designed to carry out the sometimes absurd actions in service of the story and humor. The author has a great touch at keeping the story moving while loading it with satire and hilarious action. I recommend this to all adult readers with a sense of humor.




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